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do you ever just

Bleh I hate long distance, and doing this every night.

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#that meat lady was the real national treasure

I’ve always loved this scene. 

I mean, on one level, it’s just funny. Steak Lady’s no nonsense attitude, the way she delivers the line.

But then there’s a second level, that’s even more awesome. Steak Lady is doing her thing, selling steak, and suddenly there is this woman behind her counter. And the woman tells her that she’s hiding from her ex husband. Women don’t hide from ex husbands behind steak counters unless they really need to. So Steak Lady looks at this woman who is running from her probably abusive ex, and offers her the support she needs to get through this extremely fraught situation. 

You go, Steak Lady. Keep on being awesome.

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Anonymous asked: Your a joke :)


No you are ma’am. Quit harassing a 20 year old. And if you’d like I can have Deputy Lenhard stop by your house and talk to you. (:

Anonymous asked: You need to take responsibility for the mess you made in my house. Time to grow up!!!


Kathy, it’s time to act your age. Your 41, I’m 20. I had a nice chat with a Deputy from Utica yesterday, and she said if this harassment continues or if you destroy my property then I can fully press charges against you. My friend is coming up there in a week to get my property. And as for your bogus Victorias Secret bill in my name, I called the company yesterday, I have no past bills with them or anything, and I had my name removed from your address. And I’d have my stuff out of your house, you’d have your stuff back in NY, if your son simply put my social security card, and birth certificate in an envelope and sent it too me weeks ago.


… He is making some very good points.


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And then you realize that Forrest knows about his condition all along and your heart breaks a little.

Watching this tonight, my favorite classic. ever.

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